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Jairus, Juno, and Betty L6


Siblings, born March 2008, April 2009, November 2010

The children reside in a foster family since March 2011.  The below update is from 2015.

Listed:  July 31, 2015

Older brother is a quiet child. He likes to play with Lego and toy cars. He is good at drawing, coloring pictures and handicrafts. His  medical diagnosis – physical development delay. Language delay. Urinary incontinence (neurosis).

The middle sister is clever and musical. She likes to sing and dance, and also draw and color pictures as well as do various handicrafts. The girl is sometimes disobedient and tearful in both – kindergarten and home.  Her  medical diagnosis – psychomotor development delay. Neurosis – urinary incontinence, neurotic reactions

The youngest sister is clever for her age. She is very musical and she has a good memory – she knows many songs and she likes to dance. She is also good at drawing and coloring pictures as well as in various handicrafts. The girl is disobedient  and wishes to do only what she wants. The girl is nervous and fragile.  Her  medical diagnosis – hypostature (physical development delay), and asteno-neurosis.

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