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Greg L12

boysillouettenophotoBoy, born 2011

His medical diagnosis – preterm birth II grade. Foot deformity. Fingers, toes congenital anomalies. Osteogenesis imperfect (type I). Bilateral hydrocele, antenatal damage to the central nervous system.

Listed:  July 30, 2015

This boy has a gentle care, with a passive posture on the back. Hand, foot-stretching movements. He can fix and direct eye-sight, smile. He is smart, talks about many things. In his young age he talks in short sentences. Right now he is bed-ridden and gets outside in a wheelchair and his possibility to walk independently is unsure. Currently he is using special medicine that in long-term can possibly improve the state of his bones, but as of now he gets a fracture approximately once in three months.

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