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Laurel (3)

Laurel (2)

Laurel (1)Girl, born May 2008
Cerebral Palsy

Laurel is a beautiful little girl who is 7 years old! She came into care when she was about 3 years old, apparently having had little stimulation or training. She was diagnosed with CP, and they began working with her at the orphanage. Laurel has good fine motor skills, and is able to walk without assistance. She is toilet trained (during the day). Her language is a bit behind, although it is difficult to know if that is due to the CP, lack of early education and adult interaction (before she arrived at the orphanage), or just general speech issues. A thorough exam and evaluation when she comes home will be helpful and lead her family in the right direction to help her. Laurel is very sweet, active, and a generally happy little girl! She needs a family!

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