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Everly (1) Everly (2)Girl, born October 2006
Nystagmus and blurry distance vision

Everly is a beautiful 8 year old girl who came into care when she was 5 months old. An early exam showed she has nystagmus and later exams also show her near vision is good, but her distance vision is blurry. In short, Everly needs her vision corrected. Glasses could be wonderful! Her nystagmus currently does not appear to cause her any trouble with motor skills. Everly has been in good health, and attends school where she is a good student. She is learning a bit of English, and really enjoys those lessons. Everly is a quiet girl, but is not fearful of strangers. She speaks very fluently, and with very logical thinking. She can express herself very well. Everly is a delightful girl, who will be a wonderful daughter! She is ready for a family and maybe a good pair of glasses!

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