mileymiley-2016Girl, born 2012
Osteogenesis Imperfecta

updated pictures 8/17!
From a family that spent time with her:
She is just back from the hospital. She is quiet, well mannered, loving and affectionate girl that needs someone to love her. Her parents gave her up…. the other couple that was going to adopt her suddenly backed out… and she is one heart broken little girl. She waits for someone to come along and save her from “the system” that will fail her at 16 years old. By then, her options will be close to zero.

She just cracked both femurs when she was outside running and playing with the other kids. She is a huge favorite in this orphanage and with the doctor and they call her the crystal girl because she is so fragile. She is so sweet and kind, very loving and affectionate and wants a family really bad. She is well mannered and a girly girl that loves jewelry and girly stuff.

She is so, so beautiful!!

$85.37 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!