Ethan MAA CollageBoy, born April 2004
deformity of right hand; deaf

Listed:  June 1, 2015

Sweet Ethan is diagnosed as having a deformity of his right hand, deformity of both auricles- deaf (though it seems he may really have microtia). Agency staff met this child and said: “I met Ethan on March 20, 2015. He immediately smiled at me and came over. He presents as a very calm, sweet, kind hearted child. He was very gentle and nurturing with the younger children and the neighborhood dogs. He is in foster care and seems very happy and loved. He also has some hearing and repeats back words when you talk closely and he sees you. As I went over and started talking to the other kids, Ethan came back over and gave me a flower he had picked for me. I LOVE this child and think he will do VERY well in a family.”

His file states: Ethan is the small honey of the family. His intellect is good and he is described as active, cooperative, and smart. He can guess what his family members are saying according to their gestures. Ethan is very close to his foster family. He can help his parents do some housework, such as collecting tableware, cutting vegetables for cooking, emptying the trash, taking the slippers around and so on. He is known as the helper of the family. Ethan is very clever, and can use body language to express his needs. His left hand is very flexible and he can do everything despite his right hand having a minor deformity. Ethan has a ready smile all the time and all the neighbors like him very much.

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