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Tage #46

Tage 546tage-2017-croppedBoy, born 2012
Age-correspondent physical development and delayed neuropsychological development (mostly regarding speech), cognitive deficit correspondent to mild mental delay, and generalized developmental disorder – infantile autism.

Listed: May 2015

Tage is a joyful and happy child.  He is healthy and does not get sick often. There is no delay in his physical development and his height and weight are normal for a child of his age. Tage recently had some stomach troubles and is now on a diet restricting gluten and casein.  An X-Ray was done and there were no abnormalities found. Tage is the second child of his mother.  He has been in care since birth, first in an orphanage setting, and since age 1 in a foster home. Tage is mentally delayed in most areas and has a diagnosis of infantile autism and delayed neuropsychic development.  His older sister and mother both have a history of mental delay.  He attends a local school for children with special needs which he enjoys. Tage receives active motor, speech, psychological rehabilitation which has improved his condition. Tage is looking for his forever family, could it be you?

The agency has additional photos and videos.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, he will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for him.