Mandy20156 Mandy20153Girl, Born 2010

syndactyly of hands and feet, steeple tower head, psychological and motor delay, Congenital heart defect (patent foramen ovale, secondary defect of interatrial septum)

We are so glad to finally be able to relist Mandy! She was born with multiple skeletal anomalies, including fused/webbed hands.

The girl is smiling, laughing. She reaches for toys. She walks in baby-jumper.    Doctors consider that surgery may help to separate her fingers on the hands.   They give a positive prognosis regarding her mental development.  More photos are available.

As a cautionary disclosure, Mandy does appear to have Apert syndrome.

This region typically waives the 10 day waiting period for children with special needs.   

$4,288.70 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

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