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Tymon (1)Boy, born June 2011Tymon (2)
Cerebral palsy, brain injury

Listed: May 2015

From Tymon’s file dated 2/2013- Upon admission he was white and fat, 8kg in weight, high muscular tension, primarily diagnosed as brain injury, clear mind, average spirit, good diet and sleeping, normal defecations and urinations, occasionally suffered upper respiratory track infection, diarrhea and tonsillitis.

In May 2012 he was sent to Rehabilitation Hospital for treatment. At the beginning he could not raise his head, was delayed development, average nutrition, could raise his head at 45 degrees when lying on the abdomen, could not turn over and sit, language and intelligence was delayed. His condition was better under the common efforts of nurturers and rehabilitation staff. Now he is 1 year 9 months old, can control his head, can turn over under the help, his muscular tension is improved. He also can recognize surroundings and likes watching other children playing. In a current update(5/2015)- He is receiving PT and OT. He is weak and needs a family to come for him sooner rather than later. He needs to get the attention and nutrition he needs and access to appropriate medical care. Tymon is waiting for his family to find him and time is ticking.

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