555forfamiliesprofileBella (2)JJ and Liz met when he was active duty in the military. They began dating soon after meeting and were married the same year. They attempted to have a child with medical assistance but were unable to conceive. Both of them knew that they wanted to be parents and loved interacting with kids. They began the process to foster children, who they might be able to adopt. In 2011 JJ was in a serious motorcycle accident. They were unsure of what the next day would hold. At this time they learned that life is short. Tomorrow really isn’t promised, so you need to make the most of out your life. Once out of the hospital and settled into their new home, they were blessed with their miracle baby, “D”. They have been trying to expand their family but have not succeeded. They are excited to begin this journey to expand their family through adoption.

This journey may be the hardest thing that God has ever told them to do. They have struggled with the thought of asking you to support them. They would be honored to know that you helped them bring their child home. Thank you so much for your support. No words could ever express our gratitude for your love for their family.


Follow the family’s adoption journey on their blog at www.facebook.com/Plustwofeet

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