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Dorothy MAAGirl, born May 2005
post-op Cerebral Palsy and estropia

Listed: May 18, 2015

Dorothy is diagnosed as having post-op CP (both lower limbs affected) and esotropia. From an update (April 2015): Dorothy is extroverted, optimistic, and happy. Her mental development is same as other peers the same age in the orphanage. She understands everything adults say. Dorothy can comprehend and remember what she is taught, but she cannot speak clearly. She needs a walker when walking, as she cannot walk independently. Dorothy can stand by herself for a short time and she can walk upstairs or downstairs by holding the rail. Dorothy is potty trained and has no continence issues. She can communicate with adults by using simple words, but talks slowly. She likes talking with people and she is well behaved and obedient. She can feed herself and put on her own clothing. Dorothy’s fine motor skills are normal. She can draw simple shapes like a circle, triangle, and apple and she can pick up little things with her fingers. She likes playing with blocks, coloring, painting, and dancing. She receives special education in the orphanage and her academic performance is fine. Dorothy’s emotional development is normal. She is close with her foster mother and her teachers. She gets along well with the other kids and is very caring. When other kids carry her walker for her, she will say ‘thank you.” She has lived with a foster family inside the orphanage for four years. Before, she lived with another foster family. She got along well with both families. Dorothy wants to be adopted.

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