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WillaGirl, born February 2005
Motions of right tendon is bad, deformed tongue

Listed May 11, 2015

Willa is by all accounts an extroverted, happy, well-behaved, very obedient and caring, helpful and easy-going girl.  She  has been in the orphanage system and foster care since 2005 and has lived in the foster home inside the orphanage for the last 5 years.  She’s always gotten along well with foster families.  She likes to help her foster mom, do housework, take care of her little brothers and sisters, and help children with physical disabilities walk up and down stairs.  Though she is diagnosed with postoperative tongue malformation and mental development delay, others who’ve met her say she has normal mental and emotional development, but can’t speak clearly. Her motor skills are normal, and she has no physical limitations.  A recent report says she’s in kindergarten, but past reports have said she is in the orphanage special education class, is the best student there, understands what is taught, and is good at painting.  She is close to the teachers and gets along very well with all other kids and adults.  She can recite some poems and children’s songs, as well as simple English words.  She can write simple words and do simple addition and subtraction. We and others met Terri in her orphanage, and one visitor reports, “She is a very sweet and happy child who really lights up the room when she smiles. She will go very far with love and formal education.” She really wants to be adopted!  See her happy personality as she dances in her video.   Click here to see Terri’s video

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