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Jeremiah #


premature with moderate asphyxia. Uncertain data for periventricular hemorrhage. Manifestation of convergent strabismus and hypermetropia. Treatment with corrective glasses and occlusion. Increased tonus of limbs- started to walk at the age of 2 years and 2 months. Unstable walking. mild mental delay. Suspected possible autism

Updated: Jeremiah’s record was updated, he does not have an autism diagnosis. He has generalized development disorders.

Jeremiah is calm when sleeps and is awake, has a good eating habits appropriate for the age. The child has chewing reflex and eats well. The child cannot service itself but is in the process of developing elementary skills for independence- takes part in the dressing process, holds the cutlery when eating.

Jeremiah can stand up without help, walks independently and is cautious in unknown environment. When someone holds his hand, he can go up and down stairs. He plays with cubes knocking them one another. He can appropriately use toys. He can continuously repeat one action. He is rarely interested in speech and role plays and has some moments of exclusion. He can express joy but difficulty becomes active in dynamic games. Micro motor skills are not well developed.
He rarely and selectively expresses interest for objects and happenings around him. He can use one particular object and does not always react to a new one that is offered to him. He shows and offers toys to other people. He can put some small items in a box and then empties it.

Jeremiah is often introspected in his own world and his attention and interest is not easy to be provoked.  His memory is very short. He cannot remember words and activities that are not repeated continuously. He easily forgets. Sometimes he imitate a person he knows.  The child communicates more with gestures and rarely uses speech. He can use only limited number of short words and does not follow instruction. He can express preferences among some items and activities. He can express pleasure and annoyance, joy, and happiness. He is happy during games, explores the game around him but with slower pace than the other children of his age.

Jeremiah can distinguish between familiar and unknown people. He can initiate a contact but has difficulties in maintaining it. He is passive in the playground and rarely initiates a contact with other children.

Jeremiah demonstrates delay in his psychomotor, cognitive and social development. Family environment poses extraordinary stimulating effect and he is able to quickly compensate his motor problems and shows potential for development. He can already walk independently, can overcome obstacles and stairs with help, develops skills for independence and stimulates his speech expression. His social skills are also under development.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, he will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for him.