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Tate (2)

Tate (2)Tate (1)Boy, born March 2010

Tate is a very handsome little boy who recently turned 5 years old. Tate appears to have arthrogryposis affecting his wrists, elbows, knees, and feet. He is able to walk, slowly but with great determination! He can feed himself. Tate is a very smart boy, with excellent language skills. He is inquisitive, and enjoys spending time outdoors observing the plants, and the world around him. Tate needs treatment and therapy to help him achieve some use of his affected joints.He has such great potential, but needs a family to help him reach his goals. Tate is toilet trained. He tells a nanny when he needs to go but does require help using a potty chair. Tate needs a family, a big backyard, a good dog, and a ball cap. Lots of love and a sense of humor is required. He’s such a great kid!

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