AlexBoy, born December 1999

Moderate mental retardation, nonverbal, congenital malformation cleft of hard and soft palate, cleft lip (operation in February 2007).

ALEX will age out in DECEMBER 2015!!

This boy deserves the love of a family. We just can’t watch him age out! Everyone who knows him agrees he would make a FABULOUS son. He is such a helper! Last summer, when the weather was nice, we would take the smaller boys outside and some of the big boys who have more freedom would join us. Alex was always in that group. He would run to help us push wheelchairs, or gently take our blind boys by the hand. Every week when bananas are being served he is sure to be seen helping the less capable boys with their bananas, making sure no one steals from anyone else. PRECIOUS. Please someone see Alex. He is amazing.

$8,159.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

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