Eloise (2) Eloise (1)Eloise was born in October 2006 and has Down Syndrome as well as strabismus.Eloise

Eloise can walk independently and uses the bathroom with help. She drinks unassisted from an open cup, but needs a hand when eating. Eloise is non-verbal at this time, but makes herself heard with gestures and understands simple instructions. She attends a homeschool program at her orphanage.

Listed: April 30, 2015

Update December 2015:
Eloise is described as a very sweet and easy child. She is tidy and takes care of her own needs, but continues to be nonverbal. She responds to greetings by waving and shaking hands. Eloise loves music and when a classical quartet came to play at her orphanage, she was mesmerized and did not want to miss a single note.

Additional information, including video, available upon request directly from the agency.

*** Eloise has received a $15,000 Older Child Grant! ***