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Updated Photo 2jennie-2015Girl, born April 2008
language and motor delays

Listed: April 2015

Jennifer, born in April of 2008, is a sweet girl who loves to dress up; when her foster father brought her to the orphanage she was wearing a jacket with flowers on it, and looked like a little princess! He said she often secretly admires herself in the mirror. She loved posing for the camera and didn’t need any instruction – she knew exactly what to do! Her foster family reports that she can make sounds while lying down, but cannot once she is standing, as if something is blocking her throat. Jennifer has a good appetite and isn’t a picky eater, though she especially likes candy! She is diagnosed with delays in motor skills and language, but her latest developmental information is outdated; as of two years ago she could walk, but not run or jump with both feet. She was only calling out simple words, but had good understanding. She plays well with other children and never fights. She especially enjoys music, and whenever she hears a song she sways to the rhythm.

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