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ArtemisBoy, 4 years old
Delays in development

Listed April 2015

Artemis is a sweet little guy with delays in development. He came to us at two years old severely malnourished, but is now gaining weight and showing definite signs of progress. This sweetie is learning to sit up and is getting quite stable when he uses his hands for support. He has even started using one hand to play with a toy while he is sitting.

Artemis also loves to move his legs around and can often be seen laying on his back holding his feet in the air or wiggling his legs and arms. Artemis is a picky eater and does better if his food is soft. It is possible that Artemis has some hearing loss as well. We have not been able to have this officially tested, but he often does not respond to noises around him. He does, however, love to watch and observe his world. He is great at making eye contact and loves staring at and touching faces. His smile is beautiful and he loves to be tickled and held.

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