janie-2016janiefromyuliaGirl, Born March 8, 2006

Listed:  June 21, 2010

NEW PHOTO MAY 2016:  Janie has been transferred.
She will remain bedridden and restrained for the rest of her life is she is not adopted.  Janie is a beautiful little girl who struggles with the effects of FAS.    She also has CP and some effects of hydrocephaly.   She is not able to walk on her own, and will need the loving and patient care of a family to help her achieve her potential.

If you are unfamiliar with FAS, please spend some time researching this condition.  Just as with Down syndrome, FAS and FAE have a wide variation of effects on each child, both medically, physically, and cognitively.   This is typically dependent on how long during the pregnancy the mother consumed alcohol, and of course, how much.   There is no way to know this ahead of time.

Janie may be available with Nate and Jared.

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