PercyBoy, born July 2005
Cerebral palsy

Listed: April 3, 2015

Percy is a sweet, studious boy, who takes his lessons at the orphanage very seriously. On a recent trip his caregivers told our staff right away that he’s a very bright boy; he then demonstrated how well he reads, and showed off his homework. He especially enjoys reading fairy tales, and can’t help laughing out loud when he reads them. His favorite activity is to go play outside with the other children, often they’ll gather around him to hear him recite a story. He’s also learning math, writing, and computer skills. His cerebral palsy mainly affects his legs, and he uses a wheelchair to get around; one of his arms is slightly affected. However, he is completely independent in daily life, feeding, dressing, and using the bathroom without assistance. He made a point of telling our staff that he wants a whole family, even with dogs and cats! He was nervous about learning English, so he was learning English words to prepare.

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