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William Full Picture William Head PictureHandsome William was born at 37 weeks gestation in January 2011 and diagnosed with bilateral cleft lip and palate which has been surgically corrected.  He has also been examined by a neurologist who feels William has cerebral palsy caused by periventricular leukomalacia. His neurologist believes that William’s cognitive abilities will not be affected, but his physical capacity may be impacted and require therapy. William can walk when held by the hands and is verbal. He is described as a very sweet boy who responds to his name, follows instructions, knows familiar people and has appropriate stranger anxiety.

Additional photos, videos, medical reports, and MRI results are available.  Please contact the agency for more information.

Listed: Apr 3, 2015

Update 2015: Our in-country representative visited William and was impressed with his tremendous progress. William can walk with assistance and with a walker, interacts with others and speaks in short sentences. He knows all of his caretakers and loves to play. William used to be terrified of strangers, but now is comfortable around them, smiling and talking and seeking their attention. He is potty-trained and can feed himself. William would thrive in a loving family.

From a family who met William in Sept 2015: Each time I saw William he gave me a huge grin. One day a nanny was helping him walk all around the courtyard using his walker and William was beaming. He also thoroughly enjoyed watching cartoons and music videos with his group, even getting up from his chair several times to stand, dance, and clap to the music, again with a big smile on his face.

Update March 2017: William has well-developed speech along with a good memory and attention span. He walks with a walker and has good coordination in his hands. William is participating in a preschool program, joins all activities at the orphanage and receives physical and swimming therapy. 

A $1000 agency grant is available to a committed family after a successful registration trip for William.

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