Maisie April 2015

Maisie April 2015Sweet Maisie was born in April of 2012 and has been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy.

Maisie is a sensitive child who likes looking at the world around her as well as listening to music and watching cartoons. She reaches for toys and tries to babble. Maisie can roll from stomach to back and vice versa. She cannot sit unassisted, but has some head control and tries to pull to a stand against stable support.

Maisie is responsive to her caregivers and appears to understand everything they say to her. She recognizes familiar adults and loves to be held.Maisie Photo 2 August 2014 - August 2014

Update April 2015: Specific reasons are unknown, but Maisie’s condition seems to be deteriorating. She needs the love of a family as well as appropriate medical care and therapies quickly.

Update December 2015: Our in-country representative once again sought new information about Maisie and learned that she was born prematurely, weighing 1220 grams and 39 cm tall. Her APGAR score was 3-5. Maisie’s current diagnoses are cerebral palsy, bilateral hemiparesis, non-progressive retinopathy, esotropia, high muscle tone, mild anemia (no helminthosis), and developmental delays.

At this time, Maisie’s mobility is limited and she does not use a wheelchair. She has head control, but cannot sit unassisted. Maisie reaches for and holds toys, recognizes and smiles at her caretakers, and understands what is said to her though she does not respond verbally. Maisie is spoon-fed and sleeps calmly.

$1,003.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!