Sweet Maisie was born prematurely in April of 2012. She has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, bilateral hemiparesis, non-progressive retinopathy, esotropia, high muscle tone, mild anemia, and developmental delay.

Listed: April 2015

As of December 2015: Maisie is a sensitive child who loves to be held. She enjoys looking at the world around her as well as listening to music and watching cartoons. Maisie recognizes and smiles at her caregivers and appears to understand everything they say to her. She rolls from stomach to back and vice versa, and although she cannot yet sit unassisted, she has some head control. She attempts to pull to a stand against stable support, reaches for and holds toys in her hands, and tries to babble. Maisie is spoon-fed and sleeps calmly.

Loving Maisie urgently needs the affection of a family as well as appropriate medical care and therapies.

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