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Sorenson #

Sorenson (1)sorensonBoy, born 2010
retinopathy, premature birth, general overall delays

Listed: April 2, 2015

Update March 2017:

Sorenson sees only light and dark. He currently lives in a very small village with a foster family and does not have access to good ophthalmologist evaluations.

Sorenson explores items through touch and smell. When he drops an object, he will search for it by feeling around with his hands. He navigates a room by feeling along the wall and making a noise that he uses to follow the acoustics of the room. He speaks in simple sentences and is able to request things that he wants. He can feed himself and is learning to drink from a cup independently without spills. He is learning to use the toilet independently.  He interacts with familiar adults and will socialize with strangers once he has adjusted to their presence.
Update Jan 2017:  Sorenson has bilateral retinopathy and is blind in both eyes. He has some mental delay. He can move independently in space by walking and crawling; he climbs the furniture, squats, goes up and down the stairs. He uses his hands and feet to learn about his environment and reaching objects. Lately he’s shown the desire to feed himself with a spoon. He gets his cup on his own, holds it steadily and drinks form it. He learns of the world by touch, smell, or with objects that reflect the noises in the room. He stands next to the wall and with a stick reaches up. According to the foster mother his skill of detecting objects has improved – he now can name an object at 20 cm distance. He can hold his attention on an activity/ topic.

Sorenson learns songs – starts singing but how much of the text he’s going to reproduce depends on his current mood. He remembers deals or promises from the previous day like “after you sleep we will go to the park” or “after… something…. Tomorrow we will buy…” He uses sentences consisting of several words. He informs of his needs that have to do with eating or drinking. He draws the attention of his caregiver by initiating common activities such as the exercise they do together. He creates and performs activities that develop his fine motor skills and help him orient in the environment. He makes up games, has a new hiding place in the home of his foster family. He shows more and more interest in is environment. He can’t protect himself from dangers when playing and when moving in space. He’s learning the body parts – he knows ear, hand, foot. He orients himself in closed spaces through clicking with his mouth and knocking with a stick on a surface. He shows negative and positive emotions according to the situation. He’s usually happy and in a good mood, he reacts to humor and jokes. He laughs out loud, he rarely gets upset or angry – mostly when he can’t find his toy or when he wants attention and his caregiver has other work.

Sorenson understands other people’s speech and expresses his thoughts and desires, asks and answers questions. He expresses his emotions. He’s getting more and more active in studying his environment and expresses desire to be independent. He plays independently or with other people. He changes his preferences towards toys. He likes to play for a longer time with a toy phone filled with balls or with a spikey ball. He goes to kindergarten in the morning for 2 hours and has breakfast there with the other children. He works with a psychologist and a speech therapist.


Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, he will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for him.