CarlyGirl, born November 2012
Down syndrome

Carly is a chubby little girl, who was quite relaxed and content when our staff visited her orphanage. She seemed perfectly happy on her nanny’s lap, and reached with curiosity for the things handed to her. She has been diagnosed with Down syndrome. An extroverted little girl, she’s not afraid of strangers, and loves to be held, but can also entertain herself playing in her crib. She isn’t speaking yet, but will say “ah” to communicate, and understands simple directions. When she sees other children eating, she’ll reach for her caregiver like she’s asking for food too. She can roll over, sit and crawl, and though our staff saw she can bear weight, she’s not motivated to stand or walk yet. She can feed herself finger foods and hold her bottle to drink, and cooperate when getting dressed. She loves colorful balls, and dancing along with music! We have many photos and videos of this cute little one!

There is a $4000 Child Grant that may be available to families through the agency.

$561.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!