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MiloBoy, born May 2012
Apert Syndrome

Be prepared to cuddle and hug as they are Milo’s favorite things to do!  And how could you possibly resist, after you meet this sweet, happy and handsome little toddler? Milo came into care at just a few days old and was diagnosed with Apert Syndrome and laryngomalacia.

He had a difficult start but with the love and attention of his foster family he grew stronger and began to catch up with his milestones. By summer 2013 he could sit up independently, respond when called, frequently share a smile, and scoot around in his walker. He loved to be playfully teased, cuddled and hugged and to play on a cell phone.

Milo lives in a loving and encouraging English speaking foster family with his older foster sister with whom he is very close. It would be wonderful if he and Mikayla could be adopted together as the brother and sister they have come to be!

$63.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

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