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mikaylaGirl, born December 2009
File lists Symphysodactylia (not mentioned in the file, but she is thought to have Apert Syndrome)

Listed: March 2015

Mikayla is a five year old full of personality and energy. This little lady knows what she wants and loves to have her photo taken and likes to use money to buy things by herself. She is described as active and outgoing and always has a smile ready for anyone around, just in case they might have a camera. She also likes dogs and playing outdoors.

Between 7-9 months she mastered crawling, could make single syllable sound like dad and mom, reach out for objects, and knew when her name was called. During her 10-12 months she could stand by herself then learned to walk alone for a few steps, she was also able to wave bye-bye, point to an object she wanted, sneak open a cabinet to find something she wanted and throw it playfully.

By two she could walk on her own and began to feed herself with a spoon. She was trying more independent tasks like taking off her shoes and socks and going to the toilet by herself. She also began to speak some simple words. Growing more independent at 3 years old, she likes to mimic the adults by helping to sweep the floors and can go upstairs and downstairs.

Mikayla lives in a loving and encouraging English speaking foster family with her little foster brother (Milo) with whom she is very close and adores. It would be wonderful if she and Milo could be adopted together as the brother and sister they have come to be!

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