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Joseph #11-48

Joseph2015 (6) Joseph2015 (2)Boy, age: 2
Congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH) – classic salt wasting type, on substituting hormonal therapy; Low stature; Congenital cardiac malformation – systolic murmur, hemodynamically insufficient pulmonary stenosis, secondary arterial hypertonia

Joseph moves around in a walker. When let by the hand, he walks for short distances. He can sit up unassisted. He shows interest in the events happening around him. He cheers up when seeing familiar adults and is described as a very happy child. He has started babbling, but is not yet talking. He is eating soft foods from a spoon. He plays with toys and is very interested in them. He interacts with other children and enjoys being with a group of children.

Photos are from March 2015; the agency also has video available from March 2015.

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