Rosie (1)

Rosie (4)Girl, born July 2011
Down syndrome, hypothyroidism

*** Additional $4,000 agency grant also available ***

Rosie is an expressive little girl with Down syndrome, who makes faces like she’s a star in a drama! She was slow to grow and they found she had hypothyroidism. She has been on medication since August 2012, and has grown and developed a lot since then! Rosie is able to sit and crawl on her own, and especially enjoys rocking herself in a rocking chair. Sometimes she’s a little impatient when she sees caregivers feeding the other children, and will shout for attention, but is quickly comforted. By spring 2014 she was able to pull herself to standing on her own, and understood simple directions. When someone arrives to her class she will wave hello, and when her caregivers leave she blow them a kiss! Rosie can say “mama” and a few other simple words. Are you the mama she is waiting for?

$45.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!