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harper-update2009, Jan. 18th, Harper collage (1)Girl, born January 2009
Prematurity, abnormal growth, developmentally delayed

Listed: May 2015

Recently turned 6 year old Harper file is a bit outdated. Harper is diagnosed as being premature, having abnormal growth and developmentally delayed in one part of her file, but only as having malnutrition and mild anemia in another part of her file. Harper’s file mentions that Harper has normal limb and intelligence development. Harper is active and outgoing. Her motor and language development was only slightly delayed compared to a child born full term. She has a close relationship with her foster parents. Harper loves blocks, dancing, and she is a good sleeper. What Harper needs most is a forever family!

FEBRUARY 2015 UPDATE: Harper is strong willed and active; she enjoys singing. Harper lives with a foster family, and is close with them. She likes to be comforted when she is upset. She speaks in short (two-three word) sentences. Her growth motor skills are fine, just a little behind her same aged peers. She is potty trained.

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