photo fwbutton150.pngimage (1)Ashley and Kain never planned to adopt. They would have 1-2 biological children in addition to Kain’s son, Kaiden … but you know what they say about plans! After a struggle with infertility and some disillusionment with domestic adoption, their home study agency passed along a photo of a little boy who needed a family. Though they didn’t meet the requirements for that child, they’d found a new purpose for their struggles. They wanted to give a home to a child who needed one. The Smiths brought ho me their daughter from Eastern Europe in March 2014, but it wasn’t too long before they realized they weren’t done and they were still missing a piece. So, despite not having the financial support available that was present in their first adoption, Kain and Ashley have stepped forward again to bring love and a family to a child who needs one. They hope you will follow along on their journey to bring home their beloved son.


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