Freddie (1)Freddie (2)Boy, born Dec 2005

Freddie is a very obedient child. In classes, he really gets along well with his classmates and is very willing to help others. He likes attending classes. Now, he is able to write and can even use pinyin. He is a very intelligent child. The children all like to listen to this older boy. When Freddie is normally inside, he frequently helps the nannies do some daily things; he is extremely independent. In everybody’s eyes, Freddie is a sensible and good child. In the heart of the little boys and girls, he is a warmhearted older brother. Freddie is an extremely charming boy.

Freddie has hemophilia. Occasionally, when he has blood clots, he will need a clotting factor VIII injection. When his hemophilia does not affect him, he can walk on his own. When he is affected by his hemophilia, he will need the support of adults. Even when his sickness often brings about pain and tears, he still loves life. Freddie is a compassionate person and he is an energetic and positive child. His ability to care for himself is strong. His hygiene is very good. After he gets up in the morning, he will make his bed on his own. He can brush his teeth, wash his face and eat on his own. We wholeheartedly hope Freddie will be able to be given the love of a father and mother, a happy family and a beautiful future!

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