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HOPE for the Farley family — KY

hope2Married in 2003, Adam & Cynthia Farley knew that it was Gods plan to create His ultimate masterpiece of their family through adoption.

Their first adoption journey began in 2005 when they traveled to China for their daughter Keegan. Wanting to expand their family further, they were back in China just 13 months later bringing home their second daughter Romy.

A few years had passed and they felt God nudging at their hearts again so in 2010 they traveled to Taiwan for their son Asher. It wasn’t long after Asher arrived home, they returned to China “one last time” to bring home little Lucy in 2011.

With four speedy adoptions and four young kids, the Farley’s THOUGHT their precious family was complete until…

Cynthia came across an adoption blog one day featuring a precious little girl named “HOPE” and felt an instant connection to this sweet girl even with her a world away. The blog listed her as having untreated hydrocephalus and due to it being “untreated” Hope had suffered a “massive stroke-like event” in May of 2014. She was expected to die. Hope was unable to swallow, talk, walk, eat, hold her head up, etc. This precious little girl had gone from a rather normal 22-month old toddler to literally no hope.

It is obvious God has bigger plans for this sweet girl. It is a miracle she is even alive. Today she is no longer considered a “waiting child” because now she has a family and SHE is waiting on a THEM. THEY ARE THE FARLEY’S AND THEY ARE HER FAMILY! As long as HOPE keeps fighting, they will keep fighting to get to HER!

HOPE needs medical attention and she needs it FAST! Adam & Cynthia are expediting this adoption in all areas possible. Every day Hope is left untreated means more fluid builds up causing more brain damage. Hope has many other special needs as well: CHD, PFO, external hydrocephalus, enlarged ventricles, brain damage syndrome, porencephaly and hearing impairment of the right ear.

The Farley’s are expecting to travel in April. They said YES when they knew funds would be tight but they knew this little girl just needed someone to take a chance on her. Time is running out and they still have a long way to go financially to make this adoption happen.  You can read more about Hope (her name to remain HOPE when she comes home) and the Farley’s on their blog.  God has been preparing the Farley’s for this journey to HOPE…won’t you join them in helping them bring her on home?

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future – Jeremiah 29:11

4/6/15—LOA RECVD

Follow the family’s adoption journey on their blog at

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