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ShawnessyBoy, born June 2006
Post Op anal atresia, has a droopy eyelid and only one kidney

Shawnessy is a curious, lively and outgoing boy, described by his host family as “truly joyful.” His hosts report he is obedient, very intelligent, and doesn’t show developmental delays. He watches others and learns quickly, easily figured out a smart phone and complicated electronics. His letters are very finely formed, and he has good fine motor skills. He adapts easily to new situations, loves music, and keeps himself occupied. All his teachers in his country like him and he gets along well with his classmate and he always wants to help others. His school performance is good. Though he doesn’t speak clearly, that doesn’t impede him from communicating with others. He likes TV, cartoons, and playing with his many friends. He had surgery for anal atresia in infancy, has a droopy eyelid and only one kidney.

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