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Tatiana 2013Girl, May 20, 2006

Tatiana was born with FAS, but her medical records do not indicate any additional medical complications. She is also HIV positive.

Tatiana is the younger sister of Trudy and Tristan.   All three children can be adopted together or separately; they are currently in the same region, but in different orphanages. 

She is facing transfer to an older child internat very soon, but she can still be adopted from there.   Would rather see her in a family!   She has been waiting SO long.

From an adoptive family who met her in summer 2011:  Tatiana is a sweetheart, and she wants a mama so badly. When we’d go to get our kids, she kept asking “And Tania? And Tania?” She would sob when we would leave her with the groupa. Out of all the kids there, she was the only that I saw playing pretend – eating pretend food, taking care of baby dolls. She is very emotionally fragile, and she seems to get overwhelmed. She is very small and thin. She has big blue eyes, and she desperately wants to be held and cuddled.

From an adoptive family who met her in November 2012:
Tatiana was described by the orphanage director as very beautiful, and she truly is. She was also very enthusiastic when answering questions. She was asked if she has friends and she replied “Da” with her whole body, “Tania have lots of friends”. It was completley adorable. We had given her a pony that moved around on it’s own, and she kept saying “come to Tania, come to Tania”. The biggest hit was the ball that lights up when you bounce it. She would have chased that ball all day! She has a deep voice for such a little girl which I found endearing. It was so ironic, because she is so little and feminine. She has issues with her eyes. Nothing was mentioned in her medical about it. When she turns her head to look at something her eyes bounce around as they try to catch up. She laughs inappropriately, and is very emotional. Has mood swings.  Does not understand many simple questions. Her answers did not match the questions, or was unintelligible.  She is in constant motion.

From an adoptive family who met her in July 2013:
Precious Tatiana is so dainty and beautiful!  I just spent a few minutes with her groupa, and thought she did well in the group setting.  She did talk with me a little and spoke like a younger child. She is the big helper and the leader of the groupa, and I think that’s why she hasn’t been transferred yet.  She gets partnered up with a little girl who has some global delays and difficulty walking, because she is like a big sister, encouraging and directing her to keep up.  We brought cars to share with the groupa, and I didn’t see her at first.  She was patiently waiting her turn while the other children were grabbing and pushing for a chance to get one (who could blame them?).  A few days ago, I saw her carrying a trash bin of juice boxes to the dumpster with another little boy.  You could tell it was a big treat for them to get to do the big grown-up job!  When the little boy tripped and dropped the juice boxes, she didn’t shout, she just bent over and picked them up.  She is really a child who deserves a chance to shine.

$5895.71 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

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