RoyceBoy, age: 1
Down syndrome

Royce keeps his head upright and turns it in the direction of sound. He turns from back to belly and vice versa. He has not started crawling yet. When in a lying position, he can sit up with some help. When placed in a position of supporting his body on his four limbs, he can maintain this position and then sit up. He stands up while holding onto a fixed support with both hands. He takes a sitting position by himself. He produces sounds, sound combinations and syllables. He responds to voices and to the tone of voice (he looks at the person and listens intently). He differentiates between familiar and unfamiliar people. He reaches out his hand for “hello” when encouraged by an adult. He takes a toy himself or grabs a toy that has been handed to him. He manipulates with toys at an elementary level – he examines them closely, waves them around and takes them to his mouth. He has recently learned to knock two cubes one into the other.


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