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Sutter (2)

Sutter (1)Boy, born May 2010
mild Cerebral palsy

Listed: Feb 2015

Sutter is a handsome boy who came into care when he turned 1 year old, and was found to have CP, affecting his left side. Sutter has progressed a lot, and is able to walk some distance unassisted, although his feet turn in a bit. (Perhaps he would benefit from some bracing?) He can walk up stairs without help from a nanny. He uses a walker for long distances. His left hand is weaker than his right. Sutter’s speech is good, although they sometimes have to remind him to speak more clearly. He is a bright boy, who always tries his best. Sutter comes to the orphanage rehab center every weekday, then lives with a foster family nights and weekends. He is very attached to them, and is able to bond well. Sutter can be shy when first meeting new people. He enjoys playing with the neighborhood kids around his foster home, and likes to ride a bike. Sutter is a great little guy, who needs some physical therapy and, most of all, a family.

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