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Kippy (1)Kippy (2)Boy, born February 2006
left eye removed

Listed: February 11, 2015

Kippy is a handsome, active boy! He came into care as an infant, and was found to have an infection of his left eye when he was small. The infection did not resolve, and resulted in the loss of his left eye in 2012. A prosthetic was inserted after surgery. He healed well, and has had no further complications. His right eye was never involved. Kippy is a normal, healthy, active, and fun boy! He attends school and enjoys learning. Kippy’s development has always been on target. He gets along very well with the other kids, and loves the adults at the orphanage. Kippy and the other kids were invited to a Christmas party at the Marriott. Kippy made gingerbread and was praised by the baker of the hotel! He was a very happy and proud boy! Kippy is healthy, a bright boy, and is very eager to have a family of his own.


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