Mindy (1) EveGirl, born April 2012
Down Syndrome

Listed: Feb 2015

Mindey likes listening to music and she will grab both feet and shake them when she’s happy. She has a good appetite and is very cooperative during meal time. When her caretakers praise her and say “Mindey is so obedient” she giggles! Mindey has big eyes, a cute round face, and a smile so big she squints! Her development is delayed, which is typical for a child with down syndrome.

As of Nov. 2013, she could sit without help and stand and walk holding rails. She could transfer blocks from her left hand to her right hand and she could grasp toys near her. She could also feed herself biscuits. She can clap her hands. Mindey is shy and quiet. She likes watching children’s cartoon movies and is focused when watching TV. She likes being held and asks for hugs from familiar people and sweetly leans her head on her caretaker’s shoulder. She could pronounce simple sounds like Ahah and mama. She would smile sweetly, but seldom imitated her caretaker’s speech. She likes outdoor activities and snacks.

$16,285.45 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!