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Sherman (1) Sherman (2)Boy, born August 2004
Mild cerebral palsy

Listed: January 27, 2015

Sherman is outgoing, clever and diligent. He enjoys talking with others and likes to imitate sounds and actions. Sherman enjoys listening to music and loves to dance! He is curious about new things and likes to read books, look at pictures, listen to stories and go outside. Sherman has mild CP and his physical development is behind other children of his age. He has been in a foster family since 2006 and really thrived in that environment. Sherman likes to be independent and is a great helper!

Update from his host family: Sherman is being hosted in the US this winter! Sherman is a super sweet boy who is easy to fall in love with. He is overall very obedient and does a good job communicating despite language differences. He has been picking up some English, including counting and saying things like, “bye-bye” and “good night”. He gives and receives hugs, kisses, and high fives easily. He is polite and will say, “Thank you Mama” when the host mom gives him something. He gets very excited sometimes and will get very loud and animated (both when he’s happy and upset). He is very ticklish, smiles and laughs a lot, and loves to dance, which is super cute! He is also quite the poser for the camera. He is pretty easy going and has become easy to correct. When he really wants something or things don’t go his way (i.e. losing at a game) he will whine and pout, but usually can be persuaded to have a better attitude pretty quickly. He likes to play by himself a lot, but will play with others sometimes. He doesn’t seem interested in watching TV, unless it’s a Chinese cartoon (then he could probably spend hours watching if you let him). Sherman likes playing in the backyard~ going down the slide, digging in the gravel, riding bikes and scooters around. He also seems to like putting the train track together and running the train on it. He found the game, “Trouble” and LOVES IT! He also got the card game “War” for Christmas and has enjoyed playing that a lot. The host family played bowling on the X-box with Sherman, which he thought was the coolest thing ever. He loves the computer and will ask to go on it a lot, and the host family got him an mp3 player for Christmas which he now listens to all the time. When he first arrived, Sherman could do a 24 piece puzzle independently, but was frustrated and unable to do puzzles larger than that. The host family gave him a 48 piece puzzle for Christmas, which he tried to trade with the host daughter, because she got a 24 piece puzzle that he could do. Of course, she didn’t want to trade because hers was a princess and she can’t do bigger puzzles either. Anyway, we have been working on how to do puzzles together (separating the edge pieces, looking for all the pieces for one particular part of the puzzle, etc.), and one day he called the host mom downstairs to show her that he had put his 48 piece puzzle together completely independently! She was so proud of him! The host family hopes Sherman finds a forever family soon!

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