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Wesley (1)

Wesley (1)

Wesley (2)Boy, born July 2013
Mild cerebral palsy, encephalodysplasia rickets

Wesley is an adorable little boy! When lying on a bed, his little feet will kick up and down ferociously. With the support of things, he can sit for a while. His little hands can make a hugging movement, signaling to the nannies for a hug. He loves to smile and is clingy to the nannies. He can clap his hands and sometimes holds the milk bottle on his own. There is a difference between Wesley’s movements and other children of the same age, perhaps because of the weight of his head. When he sits, he has to lean against a fixed support, and because of the weight of his head, he does not like to sit and always lies on the bed. Wesley can lift his head, turn over and grab toys to play with. He also likes to listen to music. Wesley is not shy with strangers. He likes to be held and will let anyone hold him. He likes to have the older women sing to him, talk to him and feed him. We really hope Wesley finds a home soon!

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