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Shia (2) Shia (1)Boy, born February 2007
Mild cerebral palsy

Listed: Jan 2015

Shia is being hosted in the US this winter (2015)!

Shia is a little introverted, but he is friendly and willing to connect with others after a while. His health and intellectual developments are average. However, his motor abilities are somewhat behind those of other children. When he moves about, the left side of his body is a little limited due to his minor cerebral palsy.

Shia now attends school. He gets along with the children in his class. He likes to play with children the same age and he likes a variety of toys. He is currently in special education in his foster family. A particular note from the head of the foster family: Shia is afraid of small animals. We hope Shia finds a forever family soon!

Updated: Jan 2, 2015:  Shia is a happy, sweet, affectionate, and playful boy who is easy to get along with. He is a bit shy, but he is beginning to open up more. He enjoys reading, drawing, playing with his host sisters, chasing them with a squirt gun, and playing video games. He is becoming more talkative and more outgoing. He loves to be tickled and enjoys laughing with his host sisters. He is very calm; he has not had any tantrums and has not yelled or screamed at all. He is a bit fearful of animals, but is starting to pet the host family’s dog. He is a great eater and is not picky at all; he likes pizza, fruit, vegetables, rice, meat, and pasta; he actually does not like using chopsticks. The host family is trying to teach him that he can use his weaker hand.

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