SimonBoy, born June 2008simon phone
Visual impairment

Simon has low vision. He is a lovely little boy who loves to play and cuddle everyone. He has low vision and therefore can still see large shapes. He loves playing in the playroom with his new friends or big toys. We are letting him get settled in so that he can become familiar with his nannies and friends at his new foster home for orphans with visual impairments. He has done well at primary school and he enjoys his classes. Not only has it greatly improved his communication skills, but it has been a lot of fun for him too. Every time he sits in a carboard box, it turns into a bus or a boat. He has an amazing imagination! Simon went up in a cable car once and he said it is now his favourite thing to do, he loved the feeling of flying! Simon can see characters, but it hurts his eyes if he looks at them for too long, and so he is learning Braille, which will be his primary means of reading and communication. His speech and language skills are very good, and he loves talking and playing with his friends! Wouldn’t you love to be the family who gets to ride the cable cars with him?

$100.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

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