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LonnieBoy, born July 2012
Down syndrome, Congenital heart defect (PDA), sensitive special need

Listed: Jan 2015

Precious 2 year old Lonnie is diagnosed as having 1. Down’s syndrome; 2. Congenital Heart Disease (PDA); 3. sensitive special need, though it is noted he has no trouble with his bowel or bladder. He is living in a foster family and loves taking baths!

From September of 2014: Lonnie cannot talk yet, but he can make simple sounds such as ah and oh to express himself and he can call mama. At that time, Lonnie was able to sit and crawl and could stand for a long time with support. He can walk a few steps by holding onto the sofa and he can walk for a few meters with his hands being held. The staff believed at that time that he would be walking independently soon! Lonnie likes to be teased and will smile when someone is teasing him. He can turn his head to look at the person who called him. Sometimes he is afraid of strangers. When playing at his neighbor’s house, he will cry if he loses sight of his foster mom. When he sees his foster mom, he will stop crying. Lnnie is comfortable with being held by acquaintances. He likes colorful toys that make sounds and he can play for a whole day with toys he likes. Lonnie has a good appetite; and is not picky. He likes all food given to him. His favorite food is shiitake and minced meat congee. He gets really excited when he sees food and he is simply adorable.

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