ihaveawarriorRebeccarebeccaaaGirl, born 2004
Down syndrome

From an adoptive family who met her in Jan 2015:  “I sat next to Rebecca today at an orphanage Christmas concert. She is SO cute! When she came in to sit down, she was SO excited to be there. She saw a boy in the row in front of us that she knew, and they greeted each other warmly. Her smile lit up her whole face.

We were sitting in the last row, so she stood quiet and attentive during the concert, her hands on the back of the chair in front of her, peering between adults’ shoulders to see her friends and classmates perform. Her hair was elaborately pulled back into a series of little ponytails on top of her head, which were then braided together. The caregiver sitting next to her obviously likes her quite a lot. At the end, of the concert, all the kids who are mobile were taken up to dance around the Christmas tree, and she and little Wetherby (who really is quite little)! danced next to each other in the circle. ”

*** Rebecca can be be adopted with CHARLIE, if a family is interested and approved in their home study.  ***

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