Jamie L15

boysillouettenophotoBoy, born December 2007
Final medical diagnosis – oppositional defiant disorders, speech articulation disorders. Unfavorable childhood experience. Atypical parenting situation. Mixed behavioral and emotional disorders.

boy is intellectually and physically developed corresponding his age. He might be very lovely, kind-hearted, enjoys playing soccer. Has periodical aggression outbursts, inadequate and uncontrollable behavior is observed. The child has suffered from physical and emotional abuse in the biological family as a result he has gained irreversible psycho-emotional trauma, for example, the child remembers how the mother asphyxiated him with a pillow to make him quiet. The boy attends a psychologist, he needs lasting psychotherapy.

Factors that adopters should take into consideration – the boy has lived in 2 foster families, currently he is placed in an-out-of family care institution. Both foster families could not handle the behavioral problems the boy had. Behavioral problems – gets aggressive, throws objects, usually these kind of expressions starts without any specific reason but after 10 minutes the boy acts like nothing has happened. The child had been treated in a psycho-neurological ward for several times, doctors assume a possibility that the boy could have some more serious mental issue but due to the age of the child it is not possible to set concrete diagnose. The boy attends mainstream kindergarten, intellectually he develops well. Currently the employees of the out-of-family care institution observes whether the child will need specialized educational institution, not due to developmental delay but his behavioral disorders. The boy needs a family where there are strict discipline and upbringing methods. It is very preferable for the child to have a mom and a dad, he is used to a nuclear family model, especially the child needs a man as a role model who would actively involve in child upbringing.

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