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Moses CollageBoy, born May 2012
Down syndrome, Congenital heart defect

2.5 year old musical Moses is waiting for a family. He is diagnosed as having 1. Post-op Congenital Heart Disease- VSD, PFO, mild tricuspid regurgitation, PH; 2. Down Syndrome. From his August 2014 file: Moses can now sit alone, walk independently for a few steps, and can clap his hands. He is active and he sometimes will make sounds by clapping his mouth to draw people’s attention. He likes to sit in his walker and to walk by holding onto the chair. He is afraid of plush toys and dolls. He does not like deep colored things and he will not touch them. He does not like to eat chocolate cake, but he does like chewy snacks like crackers and he also likes to eat apples. Moses likes to ride the rocking horse the best. When he is tired of rocking, he will look at you and if you rock the horse for him, he will laugh happily. He has a strong imitating ability. All he needs now is for his family to see him and bring him home!

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