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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...
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MaxLittle Max was born in February 2014 and has been diagnosed with bilirubin encephalopathy, cerebral palsy, and first degree hypotrophy. Max had ABO and rhesus incompatibility with his birth mother for which he received a blood transfusion after he was born.

Max does not yet have head control, but he can open his hands and move his fingers. He recognizes his caregivers and smiles at them when they speak to him. He enjoys physical affection.

Update November 2014: Max has improved his head control and can roll from back to tummy, but does not yet sit or crawl. He does not reach for things, but can hold objects handed to him. Max likes playing with his caretakers and enjoys receiving hugs. He is a happy boy who is starting to babble.

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