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Yaeger (1)Boy, born November 2003Yaeger (2)
Cleft lip/palate, Hepatitis B

Listed: November 4, 2014

In June, 2009, he had his palate repaired. On admission he can’t speak clearly; others can understand what he says with listening carefully. His language development is normal, and he can express his thoughts. After surgery he is improved in pronouncing, much clearer than before. Usually the teacher correct his pronunciation, encourage him to more speaking and more communication.

He is fairly extroverted; he likes any interested things, including all kinds of toys and games. Once he is interested in it, he would be seriously involved it. He is closest to the persons who care him; for example, when having a class, he will embrace the teacher on his own initiative, as well as say “good morning”. Sometimes when taking part in the activities, he will ask the teacher to sit beside him and rest.

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