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Quincy (1) Quincy (2)Boy, born July 2004
Brain Damage

Listed: November 4, 2014

Quincy is living in a foster family, enjoying the warmth from the family. He is an optimistic, active and restless boy. He has a mole on the left side of his face. He likes talking and he can speak a sentence with 5-10 words. This little boy is fun. He is clever and sensible; he can count from 1 to 15. The foster mother carefully teaches him to read, count, sing, etc. When the mother teaches him nursery rhymes, he can follow her without missing one word. Seeing other children going to school, he would say to the mother ”I also want to go to school.” The mother told him that he can go to school with other children together this September. The energetic boy likes playing with little children very much. When guests come to his home, he would take the initiative to share greetings with them, welcoming them with much enthusiasm. He takes care of younger brothers and sisters very well, getting along with them very well.

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