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Dollie (1)Dollie (2)Girl, born March 2009
Down Syndrome

Listed: Nov 2014

Dollie is a little girl who has a very strong ability to adapt. When she had just entered the institute, she would look left and right in the room and turn back and forth. She would run up to other little children and say, “en ah.” When she saw curious things, she would say, “ohhhh.”

She is very well-mannered. When she’s eating, she will sit down on a stool and then use a spoon to feed herself one mouthful at a time; it’s very sweet. After she’s finished eating, she will take her bowl and give it to the nannies and then will happily smile at them. When she’s doing outdoor activities with other little children, she will hold their hands. She will help little children go up and down platforms.

She dances happily to the rhythm of music. She can put on her clothes and she can help the weaker children take off their clothes. Each time she does something successfully, she will always give a thumbs-up to the nannies and say, “great, great!” She is quite a likeable child!

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